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The Beauty Specialist column: Rigenera 3

Did the quarantine give us a few extra pounds? Do we feel heavy and not very dynamic? Looking in the mirror do we find our face more dull and a less toned body? Let’s see how to get back in shape thanks to our cutting edge Rigenera 3!

Rigenera 3 can help us to give light and elasticity to our face and to reshape some areas of our body that seem to have lost harmony and firmness. This technology, which combines endodermal massage, radiofrequency, softlaser and photobiostimulating LEDs, represents an important weapon against the imperfections linked to face senescence and the imperfections of cellulite, localized adiposity, skin laxity.

Endodermal massage is a technique of ancient origin that uses the vacuum to bring to the surface a greater flow of blood, stimulating the microcirculatory system and thus promoting greater nourishment of the tissues. Radiofrequency transfers heat to the subcutaneous compartments, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and restoring elasticity to the connective tendrils. The softlaser stimulates microcirculation with significant improvement of face and body capillaries. Finally, photobiostimulant laser LEDs promote and stimulate cell lipolysis, ensuring antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The synergy between these four technologies, combined with good nutrition and constant physical activity, preferably in the open air, allows you to notice improvements since the first sessions with Rigenera 3 … all in maximum relaxation!

This method can be used at any time of the year, has no contraindications and is a relaxing treatment. The duration times are fast and it release a pleasant feeling of well-being. It is recommended to carry out two treatments per week for a cycle of 10/12 sessions. With this timing, the treatment times are shortened, but above all the recovery times are accelerated and the effects are more immediate and long lasting.

Do you want to know more about our Rigenera 3? Click here and find out what else our technology can do! And if you want to try a treatment with Rigenera 3, look for the center closest to you!

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