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Improve the tone of the gluteus with the acoustic wave!

Did you know that in ancient Greece Venus, the goddess of beauty, was called with the epithet of “callipigia”, that is to say woman “with beautiful gluteus”?

A busy life, an irregular diet and a lack of physical activity can obscure the beauty and harmony of this part of the body. Not to mention cellulite, the blemish that affects gluteus and Coulotte de cheval in particular.

There are numerous measures to prevent cellulite, which, due to lipodystrophy, generates more or less structured lipoedema and lipolymphedema. Once it appears, you can resort to the help of aesthetic technologies to have a concrete and long-lasting result over time.

One of the technologies that guarantees better results is the acoustic wave. High frequency acoustic waves are propagated in the area to be treated through a ballistic source, which consists of a handpiece inside which a projectile is pushed by compressed air towards the emitter. This generates pressure impulses with very short rise and duration times, releasing a direct mechanical force, with the sole aim of transferring energy to the underlying body tissues following the law of impedance.

The stimulation of the metabolism induced by the acoustic wave and the reactivation of the blood circulation trigger a repair mechanism against the destruction of the fibrous branches. The introduction of vibrating acoustic waves in the body allows the relaxation of the connective tissue, increasing the tonicity of the epidermis, increasing the production of collagen and elastin and strengthening the dermis. The action of the acoustic wave also improves the exchange of lymphatic flows, triggering in the patient’s static body mechanisms very similar to those that our body puts into operation with sport.

After one single treatment it will be possible to notice a more lifted and tonic gluteus.

The acoustic wave treatment is fast and pleasant: in fact, it takes 15 to 30 minutes to treat the area of ​​the gluteus and the beneficial effects remain even after weeks.

Look at our before and after and discover the closest center where to try our acoustic wave!

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