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New Rigenera 3!

We have thought, dreamed, desired, rethought, tested, renewed it and finally we can share this news with you … We are proud to present the new Rigenera 3!

What’s new?

    • We have completely renewed the handpieces, to facilitate their use by the operator and to ensure greater comfort for customers during treatment. In addition, we have made them even more performing, thanks to the enhancement of radiofrequency, which thus allows a deeper cell renewal.

    • The new Rigenera 3 is even smarter thanks to the completely renewed software! The step-by-step instructions allow the operator to carry out targeted and effective treatments: the images show the precise points on which to act and the movements to be performed. Each protocol is also divided into three sequential phases of drainage, detachment and toning, guaranteeing a complete and deep treatment.

    Find out more about our spearhead of aesthetic technologies in a completely new guise!

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