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The Beauty Specialist column: pressomassage

Swollen and tired legs? Do you suffer from water retention and don’t know how to get rid of it? Let us introduce you our Pressomass, the ideal solution to your problems!

Pressomass is a pressomassage technology, which is a treatment that consists of the gradual and sequential compression of the lower and upper limbs and abdomen. Through a specific corsetry, consisting of leggings and bracelets, a pressure action is generated, which acts directly on the veno-lymphatic circulation. In fact, through precise pressures, the drainage of interstitial fluid and solutes is facilitated, freeing the extracellular mass from waste and toxins and thus improving venous circulation and lymphatic stasis. The pressure occurs in a centripetal sequence, preventing circulatory reflux thanks to the special herringbone leggings, which avoid leaving gaps during inflation. This method counteracts swelling, water retention, edema, lymphoedema, lipolymphoedema and is also indicated for the imperfections of cellulite, localized adiposity, skin laxity. The pressomassage treatment can also be performed every day and is indicated for any person who does not have pathological contraindications.

Before carrying out the treatment, the operator must activate the specialized lymph collection centers, so that the treatment is more effective. This sort of pre-treatment is important in the prevention against venous return disturbance, caused by an alteration of the valvular system, and against disturbances of lymphatic function, preventing chronic lymphatic stasis.

Pressomassage is an easy to apply treatment, it gives good results and gives an immediate feeling of well-being. It can also be performed in association with specific bandages, which can greatly enhance its effect and effectiveness. Before inserting leggings and bracelets, bandages previously soaked in active ingredients are then applied, isolating them in cartene leggings, and the corsetry is inserted. You can use draining, firming, reducing, detoxifying and specific active ingredients for the type of imperfection. We suggest the use of cold vasoconstrictor bandages, because they counteract vasodilation and are indicated to reduce edema, swelling, heaviness of the lower limbs, improving the circulatory system.

This treatment can be associated with other specific methods, such as RF, ultrasound, acoustic wave, as well as it can be combined with all cabin treatments, such as muds, algae, poultices. In fact, pressomassage is also defined as an adjuvant treatment, thanks to its integration with all the other technologies present in aesthetics. The recommended number of sessions is established based on the imperfection to be treated and the customer’s need. Generally, two weekly sessions are recommended, for a cycle of 10/12 treatments. During the treatment cycle, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and follow a balanced diet, also integrating with physical exercise.

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