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The Beauty Specialist column: RF and skin laxity

Tissue laxity in the abdominal area, skin relaxation, fatty deposits, loss of continence of the muscle wall are some of the most frequent problems in women.

In fact, events such as pregnancies or heavy weight loss, as well as the simple passage of time, greatly accentuate these imperfections. The abdomen loses its natural shape, the part is sagging and emptied and the tissues, attracted by the force of gravity, yield downwards due to their own weight. An incorrect diet, a sedentary lifestyle, poor physical activity contribute over time to aggravate the situation. Therefore, adipose accumulation in the waistline can also occur, altering the silhouette.

The treatment with the radiofrequency equipment is an excellent ally against the imperfection of skin laxity. The electromagnetic field that is generated, in fact, determines an increase in perfusion of the skin and of the pertinent adipose tissue and an improvement in the microcirculation, with a consequent draining effect. In addition, radiofrequency stimulates the lipolytic activity of the cell and has an antioxidant action: therefore, it can also be used with excellent results in the treatment of PEFS, associated with edema and localized adiposity.

Radiofrequency is not an invasive treatment, it is characterized by the absence of side effects and can be applied on any type of skin and any phototype. There are no interactions with ultraviolet rays and therefore there are no seasonal limitations. Furthermore, it can be used in association with other treatments (massages, mud baths, etc.) or other equipment (acoustic wave, pressomassage, etc.) to amplify the already excellent results.

The treatment method is simple and fast. After thoroughly cleansing the area to be treated, apply a specific gel cream, preferably rich in active ingredients. The actual treatment is then carried out, performing circular or back and forth movements with the handpiece over the entire surface, leading the body to develop an increase in the zonal temperature. The treatment lasts about 30/40 minutes, during which the client feels a pleasant sensation of heat that develops in the subcutaneous compartments. At the end of the session, apply a cosmeceutical that is able to emphasize and maintain the effects of radiofrequency treatment over time.

It is advisable to carry out the treatment every 7/10 days, that is the necessary time to obtain a better result. The cycle of treatments includes a number of sessions that can vary between 6 and 10, depending on the type of blemish. The maintenance process is obviously essential, to guarantee and keep the result obtained constant. You can do the treatment twice a year with mini cycles, or have a treatment once a month.

During the cycle of treatments, the client is advised to carry out regular physical activity, to maintain a correct diet, giving preference to foods such as fruit and vegetables, and to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, to improve muscle tone and guarantee the right nourishment to the muscles themselves.

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