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The Beauty Specialist column!

Welcome to all our readers!

This first post inaugurates our new “Beauty Specialist column”!

It consists of a virtual appointment in which we will give space to insights, clarifications and advice related to the world of aesthetics. Once a month, our Beauty Specialist will deepen a topic and highlight its peculiarities: write us your doubts and your perplexities, so as to clarify any uncertainty!

Meanwhile, we leave you with the answer of our Beauty Specialist to one of the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

“What can I offer instead of cavitation, technology no longer allowed to us beauticians, for a body shaping treatment?”
The high energy acoustic wave.

What is it?
The acoustic wave is based on the emission of pressure impulses with very short rise and duration times that generate direct mechanical force, with the sole objective of transferring energy to the tissues following the laws of body impedance.

The diffusion of the acoustic wave in the tissues generates mechanisms and biological effects:
– Activation of metabolism
– Stimulation of the lymphatic system
– Synthesis of collagen
– Increased cell permeability

Pleasant and non-invasive, the acoustic wave treatment contributes to the reabsorption of localized adiposity and to the reduction of cellulite. In addition, the exchange of lymphatic flows, activated by the acoustic wave, triggers in the client’s static body mechanisms very similar to those that our body puts into operation with sport.

Essential because
It is a valid replacement for the cavitation treatment (no longer allowed to beauticians) as it allows you to act in the subcutaneous compartments without causing any side effects. Thanks to the deep action of the vibrating acoustic waves, this treatment is ideal for effectively reshaping the silhouette without resorting to invasive methods.

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