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Carbon peeling

Carbon peel is a revolutionary treatment which became famous thanks to many celebrities that use it. Activated charcoal, known for its astringent features, is used as artificial chromophore to amplify the laser effect. A targeted treatment, without recovery time, which ensures extraordinary results: a toner, cleaner, brighter and smoother skin. Particularly effective for the treatment of seborrhoeic skin, enlarged pores and active acne.

This is a painless and non-invasive method, chosen particularly before important events because ensures evident and immediate results:

  • more compact and toner skin texture
  • brighter and fresher skin
  • enlarged pores and blackheads reduction
  • fine wrinkles reduction
  • acne and acne scars reduction
  • stimulation of collagen production

Carbon Peeling con VEGA QS EME Derma4

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