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Pigmented lesions

A spot, or palpable pigmented lesion, is a concentration of melanocytes in a limited area of the skin or of a mucosa, which could be caused by congenital or inherited factors or by the exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Each spot can have a different structure and nature, which must be properly evaluated before treating it.

Benign pigmented lesions such as simple lentigos, age spots, moles, freckles could be effectively treated by hitting the melanin excess thanks to the selective photothermolysis process.

Some examples:

  • AGE SPOTS, or age lentigos, appear from the age of 45 to 50 in the form of dark spots.
  • SUNSPOTS, or solar lentigos, caused by an excessive or incorrect sun exposure
  • NEVUS OF OTA, or congenital melanosis bulbi, is a spot that generally affects the first and/or the second trigeminal nerve branch.
  • NEVUS OF ITO, bluish coloured, affects the tributary areas of the supraclavicular and of the lateral brachial nerves.

The light energy is selectively absorbed, allowing the elimination of the melanin molecules responsible for skin hyperpigmentation.

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