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The term tonification means restoring tone to the tissues which lost tonicity and elasticity.

When the skin appears saggy and loose, it is called skin relaxation or laxity. This blemish is caused by the progressive slowing down of cellular activity, which leads to a reduced production of collagen and elastin and to a consequent structural failure of the tissues. It is a natural process, which indiscriminately men and women are subjected to over time, since it represents the first evident sign of skin aging. In fact, at the age of 20 years old the skin is completely regenerated every 3 weeks, while at 50 years old this process occurs every 9 weeks.

To counteract the relaxation of the tissues, it is necessary to stimulate the cells to produce more collagen and elastin fibers, that is to say the proteins that keep our skin young and toned. This is possible both with equipment for aesthetic or medical-aesthetic use and with the use of good quality cosmetics. By combining these two types of treatment, it is possible to obtain an even more evident and lasting result. Naturally, this must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, as well as regular physical activity.

Before and after

Tonification 2  – Treatment with ECHOS Before
Tonification 2  – Treatment with ECHOS After

Treatment with ECHOS

Tonification – Treatment with ECHOS Before
Tonification – Treatment with ECHOS After

Treatment with ECHOS

Tonification 3  – Treatment with Rigenera 3 Before
Tonification 3  – Treatment with Rigenera 3 After

Treatment with RIGENERA 3

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